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CWB Wakeboards

Want a great ride on a great wakeboard? Look no further than CWB wakeboards. Parafunalia has an assortment of CWB wakeboards because they are one of the best out there. They offer amazing traction that will keep you in control while learning to board or allow for greater precision with advanced tricks. With detachable fins, you can have as much control as you need for your skill level. A smooth riding board is in your immediate future when you choose CWB.

We offer the CWB Faze, Pure, Kink and many other models in various sizes. With great board technology and killer graphics on all the wakeboards, you’ll have a hard time choosing, but we promise the perfect board for you is right here! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call our store – we keep a large number of boards in stock and would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

We also offer CWB wakeboard bindings to mix and match with the boards, and some wakeboards and bindings even come as a package deal.

You’re going to want multiple sets with the way CWB wakeboards perform. And with our competitive prices you’re guaranteed a great deal on a great product. We test the brands ourselves and these are approved!