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HO Tubes & Towables

Fly high in HO tubes and towables from Parafunalia. Bounce, thrash and soar your way to the most perfect summer. HO tubes and towables offer hours of fun in the sun – but don’t forget to hold on tight!
All fun and thrill, these HO tubes and towables are some of the best in the business. HO tubes are made from top-quality materials and come with en excellent warranty. They’re will give you the same thrill ride for many summers to come.

HO FAD Inflatable Board 5'HO FAD Inflatable Board 5'

HO FAD Inflatable Board 5'
HO RAD 4' Inflatable DiscHO RAD 4' Inflatable Disc

HO RAD 4' Inflatable Disc
HO RAD 5' Inflatable DiscHO RAD 5' Inflatable Disc

HO RAD 5' Inflatable Disc
Choose from single or multi-rider models ? they?re all amazing. Grab a friend and hop in the HO Formula 2. The cockpit style tube offers a soft ride while soaring and bouncing across the wake. And, if you want to show off your tubing skills you can side solo on the HO Formula 1. Thrash across the water at top speeds all while trying to hold on tight. HO tubes and towables give summer and extra punch of fun.

Shop our selection and find the perfect HO tube for your summer vacation.