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  • O'Brien Versa 2 - sold out
  • Fun Price: $249.99

Product description

Do it All! Wakeboard, Wakesurf, Kneeboard, Ski, Wakeskate

The Versa 2 is the newest and easiest way to get riders of all levels wakeboarding, kneeboarding, skiing, wakesurfing and even wakeskating. The optional slip-on foot straps can be placed in a variety of positions, so you can choose your riding style. Handles can be removed or added for kneeboarding. The tow hook can be added for easier starts or stress free towing and the Versa 2 also features retractable fins. The Versa 2 is a foam-filled, rotomolded board that features an EVA padded deck that's easy on your knees and feet. The progressive edge design allows the rider to cut back and forth across the wake with ease, while the rounded middle helps with surface tricks. Great for all ages and all skill levels. Tow rope is sold separately. Made in the USA. Weighs 20 lbs with bindings and handles.

Great for all ages and skill levels
Board lets you wakeboard, ski, kneeboard, and more
EVA padded deck is comfortable for your knees and feet
Progressive edge lets you cut across the wake
Includes handles and tow hook
Available with or without foot straps

Versa 2
Length 144.78cm / 57"
Width 68.58cm / 27"
Wt. Limit Up to 250 lbs br>Fins Retractable

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