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  • Ronix Naked Technology - POTBELLY ROCKET Wakesurf (Natural Blue / Orange)
  • Fun Price: $699.99

Product description

Less is more. These cores are designed with a minimalist approach, keeping the purest form of surf in mind.

The first of itís kind with more volume in the center of the board giving the surfer more push down the line of the wave with the stability/sweet spot of a long board.

The Potbelly Rocket has a ton of volume in the center of the board making the nose ride higher on the water giving it incredible drive down the line. The extra volume makes it super stable and easy to stay in the pocket. And, its turned up nose delivers great response and allows for more advanced maneuvers. The Potbelly Rocket has plenty of speed, response, and, thanks to its naked construction, has a unique riding style that is just like a traditional surfboard in the ocean.

Size 4' 3"
Volume 21.6 liters
Tip Rocker 2.4 in
Center Width 21.5 in
Rider Weight Range 125 lbs and up

Size 4' 8"
Volume 23.7 liters
Tip Rocker 2.4 in
Center Width 21.8 in
Rider Weight Range 155 lbs and up

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