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  • The Boatloop
  • Fun Price: $104.99

Product description

The Boat Loop MT2-4
Extends from 2 to 4 feet. Perfect for smaller boats with limited storage.
Retracted Reach 46"
Extended Reach 64"

The Boat Loop MT3-6
Extends from 3 to 6 feet. Use for medium sized boats.
Retracted Reach 58"
Extended Reach 88"

The Boat Loop MT4-8 -Sold out
Extends from 4 to 8 feet. Our longest and most popular model.
Retracted Reach 70"
Extended Reach 112"

1.While on your boat or around the dock, do your extended reaching and pulling with the BoatLoop. The Loop or the Hook can capture most anything around the dock.
2.Use the Loop or Hook to reach things in the water or around the dock.
3.Use the Push-Off Stub as a push-away device when too close.
4.The BoatLoops’ Line Handling Hook can be used to hand a line or hang a line.
5.The Large Loop can be used to assist or aid someone distressed in the water.
6.Carry it with you when stepping off the boat. The wind or current may move your boat expectantly.
7.Avoid risk of damaging your boat by getting too close to attach a line. “Get BoatLoop Close” and control your movement to the dock.

Get BoatLooped… it’s the safe way to extend your reaching and pulling around the boat or dock.


The Boatloop Extension Pole can be locked by using one or both of the following methods:
1.In any position of the Extension Pole, hold Twist Grip 1 and Twist Grip 2 and Twist in opposite direction as shown below until it “CLICKS”. Twist Harder, it will “CLICK”. This will lock the Extension Pole. Opposite twist will Unlock the extension Pole.
2.Twisting the Compression Nut on the Base Pole will also Lock the Extension Pole.
3.When using the BoatLoop, place the Loop over the bollard, post or cleat and pull from the Handle Grip.
4.The Loop/Hook head can be removed from the pole for storage if desired by gripping the Large Hook and Twist Grip 1, and twisting opposite direction to unscrew the head.

Improper use of theBoatLoop can cause injury or lead to death.
Do Not put over or around the neck of others. Strangulation could occur.
Do Not use as a permanent mooring line. This device is intended to serve as an aid.
It is estimated that most users have a Pull or Push strength from 50 to 250 pounds. Do not exceed 200 POUNDS of Pulling or 150 POUNDS of Pushing as damage to this product OR INJURY could result.
Use additional caution when extending the Fiberglass pole while using to Push away. Fiberglass poles are light weight and user friendly but when extended, it is more susceptible to buckling which may lead to cracking or breaking. Lighter loads should be applied when the pole is extended. (Buckling in this case means the bending of the pole with heavy Pushing)
The BoatLoop will FLOAT ONLY if the Extension Pole is extended at least 8” or more.

Get BoatLooped… it’s the safe way to extend your reaching and pulling around the boat or dock.

No Lasso experience required……

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