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Towable/Tube Ropes

Play longer and harder with our collection of super strong towable ropes. Never worry about a broken tow line again when you secure your water tube with one of our Proline ropes. We have several thicknesses to choose from depending on the maximum weight load you plan to tow.

Our towable ropes range from 3/8 to 3/4 inches thick. Choose the size thatís right for your needs and never worry about getting stranded in the middle of the water again. Proline towable ropes provide the strength you need for long days of tubing adventures.

The ropes are available in a variety of colors that are easy to spot in the water making it simple to avoid getting your rope snagged on obstacles along the way. The ropes feature PVC safety floats for guaranteed buoyancy, minimizing drag during takeoff.

Proline technology helps minimize stretch for a safer ride. Depending on the thickness you choose, the ropes are rated for two to six people. The thickest rope is rated for loads weighing up to 6,100 pounds. Make the smart decision and choose one of our reliable tube ropes. Our high-quality towable ropes will never leave you hanging.