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O'Brien Kneeboards

Kneeboarding invites people to test their sporting skills and athleticism while on the water. The relaxed environment created by the waves and an outdoor setting is a stark contrast to the demands of the actual sport. When you hit the water, the last thing you want to do is hit the water. That’s where our collection of kneeboards comes in. Finding the right kneeboard for your application is easy when you shop with Parafunalia.

Our kneeboards cater to a wide spectrum of boarders, from those that have just recently been introduced to the sport, to experienced riders. These well-designed boards are capable of enduring years of harsh use without becoming compromised. No matter what you throw at these boards, they’ll be ready to perform. In addition to durability, these boards will also offer a boost when it comes to your boarding. The right board can make tricks and riding easier – and our collection proves this. Many of our models come equipped with a towing hook to allow you to start kneeboarding as soon as you get your order.