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Take a thrill ride on an O’Brien kneeboard and make a statement on the water. Kneeboarding is almost fifty years old and is definitely in its prime! Board technology has progressed tons over the last fifty years, and we have some of the best kneeboards right here at Parafunalia.

We have three styles of amazing kneeboards for sale. All the kneeboards we carry are by O’Brien, who is one of the best in the business!

Connelly KneeboardsConnelly Kneeboards

Connelly Kneeboards
O'Brien KneeboardsO'Brien Kneeboards

O'Brien Kneeboards
Take a spin on the Ricochett and get ready for smooth riding, as well as smooth landings thanks to the compression-molded deck. And the 3” padded strap makes for a secure ride. This board is a dream for beginners because of its molded towing hook for easier starts, but it’s an awesome choice for any level!

We also offer the O’Brien Black Magic and Voo Doo. Both are amazing boards for any rider. Both offer quick and smooth edge transitions, as well as packing in speed!

You’re sure to find the perfect kneeboard here at Parafunalia, as well as a slew of ropes, handles, and accessories!