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Three Person Towable Tubes

Three’s not a crowd on a three-person towable tube…it’s an awesome time! Whip across the water, and fly higher than ever, knowing you have your buddies by your side the entire time. We offer a fantastic selection of three-person tubes that are sure to please the thrill seeker in anyone.

A three-person water tube will lead to endless crazy rides across the water all summer. And, once you take a spin on one once, you’ll want to go again, again, and again!

Three-person towables are chock-full of hours of fun, and we have the best brands in the business for your tubing pleasure. With brands like Aquaglide, Connelly, HO, and O’Brien, you really can’t go wrong. A three-person tube has plenty of surface space for three adults, and most are covered in a comfortable nylon. We have ones with the bells and whistles, and some that are pretty basic. Whatever your style of three-person towable, we have it right here. Speed across the water with your friends, and hope the wake doesn’t make you pay!

A three-person tube is definitely big fun, but in some states they’re a big no-no. Check state regulations before hitting the water this summer.