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Our recreational kayaks range in length from 9 to 12 feet and can easily be carried on the roof racks of most vehicles. The length of the kayak is related to the maximum speed, with longer kayaks being faster than shorter kayaks. Recreational kayaks are perfect for exploring new places and offer plenty of maneuverability along with a smooth and comfortable ride.
Recreational KayaksRecreational Kayaks

Recreational Kayaks
Sit-On-Top KayaksSit-On-Top Kayaks

Sit-On-Top Kayaks
Tandem KayaksTandem Kayaks

Tandem Kayaks
Large, open cockpits provide easier access when boarding. A comfortable sitting area and ample leg space makes these kayaks some of the most popular varieties on the market. Our recreational kayaks can be used for pleasure boating purposes, for nature photography or for freshwater fishing.

All of the available kayaks include comfortable carrying handles and deck bungees for hauling small loads. Some models include a cargo area within the rear hull in addition to the deck space.

We carry three models of recreational kayaks to choose from. The sizes and shapes of the kayaks vary slightly, but they all provide fun and relaxing ways to experience your favorite bodies of water.

Recreational kayaks are a great way to enjoy the calmer waters of lakes and rivers. The wide bases generate greater stability, making these kayaks perfect for beginners. These watercrafts are available in a range of prices, making them affordable for most consumers.