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Stand Up PaddleBoards (SUP)

The hottest new trend in water sports is the stand up paddle board and it seems to be taking over! Paddle boarders can be spotted on lakes, bays, and oceans. There is a stand up paddle board for every body of water. Longer boards lend to those on smooth lake water while shorter boards are for those riding the waves of the ocean.

We offer a choice of top name brand paddle boards, like Amundson, BIC, Doyle, and Jimmy Lewis. All our brands offer boards in various lengths and widths to help ride the water of your choice. Boards for lakes, boards for bays, boards for oceans…we have them all in once place!

Maneuver your paddle board with one of our fine choices of paddles by AquaGlide, BIC, Doyle, Emotion, and Olukai. These are some of the best in the business of the new paddle board craze. Not sure how to choose the correct paddle? Give our customer service a call and we’d be happy to assist. We use everything we sell, so you can be confident you’re receiving an expert opinion.

Not only is paddle boarding a great time, it’s also an incredible workout. Balancing on your board helps you train your body in a new, effective, and most importantly, fun way! Join the newest craze in water sports and soak up the summer rays on a stand up paddle board!