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Paddling - Stand up Paddle Boards & Kayaks

Paddle sports incorporate fun and leisure into one activity, and offer an amazing workout. Itís pretty much perfect. Whether youíre into lake paddle sports or ocean paddle sports, we have the perfect gear for you!

We offer many types of paddle sport equipment. We have a variety of recreational kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and stand up paddle boards to choose from here at Parafunalia. Our kayak brands include Wilderness and Perception and Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks, while our stand-up paddle boards are from Doyle, BIC, Amundson, Aquaglide and Surftech.


Stand Up PaddleBoards (SUP)Stand Up PaddleBoards (SUP)

Stand Up PaddleBoards (SUP)
Inflatable Stand Up PaddleBoards (iSUP)Inflatable Stand Up PaddleBoards (iSUP)

Inflatable Stand Up PaddleBoards (iSUP)
SUP PaddlesSUP Paddles

SUP Paddles
Paddling AccessoriesPaddling Accessories

Paddling Accessories
Recreational kayaks are shorter in length, usually less than 14ft. and are best for calmer bodies of water like lakes and rivers. With great stability and easy access for boarding, recreational kayaks are a great option for anyone!

Sit on top kayaks offer a greater range of motion and easy access. These are great for warm water adventures and are self-draining. Another great option is the inflatable kayak. If you live in a small apartment with minimal storage, but are still seeking big thrill this is the kayak for you.

We also have an insane selection of stand up paddle boards. Paddle boards are the new craze on the water, and offer a great way to explore the water. Hop on one today and get to it!