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Surfing requires huge ocean-made waves. Sometimes, however, that can be difficult to find (say, in a landlocked area with no oceans in sight). That’s why wakesurfers were created: to give people without access to an ocean the opportunity to rip up gnarly waves.

If it wasn’t for wakesurfing, the sport of surfing would be entirely off-limits to most folks. But now, with a lake and a boat, you can learn how to surf. Our collection of wakesurfing boards is extensive and features a number of options for our customers.

Wakesurfing boards are typically much shorter than the average surfboard because of specific considerations and needs unique to the sport. Our boards come in a range of sizes, varying slightly for riders of different statures. We have a number of wild designs that will amaze you; you’re certain to find one that speaks to you. While only practice will make you a better wakesurfer, these boards are certain to help at the very least. Shop at Parafunalia to get access to the best selection of water sports goods at the lowest prices.