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  • Dock Edge Ultimate Mooring Whips
  • Fun Price: $649.99

Product description

12' Mooring Whip (set of 2) for craft up to 23 ft. or 5000Lb

14' Mooring Whip (set of 2) for craft up to 28 ft. or 10000Lb

16' Mooring Whip (set of 2) for craft up to 33 ft. or 20000Lb

Ultimate Whips include cast aluminum rocker base with cushionner & set screw to compensate for most tidal fluctuations. The solid fiberglass rod is manufactured in multi-stages with an exclusive cross-wound fiberglass for extra rigidity unobtainable with solid rod alone. This multi-stage manufacturing gives these whips the necessary strength and flex to retain the boats' position. Exclusive "Plug & Socket" design for quick and easy separation. Each whip includes our unique functional roller tip and a tie-off cleat for easier access to your boat. Stainless steel mounting hardware included.

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