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  • Liquid Force BULLOX Wakeboard w/ SCAN 6X OT Binding
  • Fun Price: $569.99

Product description

Ready to push your riding, without pushing your wallet? Give the Bullox w/ Scan 6X OT Package a rip! Another great pairing from the LF range to help make sure every moment on the water helps you progress. Perfect any intermediate rider aimed on getting better with every set. A hard charging board, with an excellent open-toe binding featuring a unique Power Strap/Lace closure combo which allows every rider to dial in their bindings to their specific needs.

About the Board:

Fynn absolutely rips on the snow and water, with a style about his riding that is unmatched. So, when designing his pro-model he knew he wanted a shape that didn't sugar coat things to compliment his snowboarding background…but could be ridden by anyone looking to push their riding further than ever imagined. As a result, the Bullox was born!

With a nostalgic yet proven square tail shape and explosive aggressive 3-stage rocker profile, Fynn and his Bullox are primed for take-off. Go ahead, take a set on one and see what The Bullox is all about for yourself.

About the Bindings:

The adjustable Velcro "Power Strap" allows you to customize the level of support to suit your riding style perfectly. Slightly softer than the Classic model, the Scan offers an ideal upgrade for riders seeking a boot that aids their progression while providing forgiveness as they refine their repertoire of tricks.

Let the Scan 6X™ help you solidify your footing and focus on progression.

Length (cm) Weight Range (lbs)
136 -  90 - 170
140 -  140 - 190
144 -  160 - 220
148 -  180 - 240+

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