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  • Liquid Force FURY Kids Wakeboard w/ RANT 6R Binding
  • Fun Price: $379.99

Product description

There isn't a better combo for your Grom...hands down. Each size of the Fury is designed to grow with your Grom, helping them build upon the skills they're mastering with every growth spurt. The Rant 6R Bindings are extremely easy to get in and out of, so no more frustrated kiddos on the swim deck. Less stress, more stoke! What more could you want?

About the Board:

Year after year, the Fury remains a steadfast choice in our boat line-up to help Groms get out there and rip. This is a special shape in our range, where each size slightly changes to match that rider's specific needs and help put them in a position grow in their riding. Not only is it eye-catching, it's the perfect tool to put under a young rider's feet to help lay the framework for a lifetime of stoke on the water. Did we just help you find the perfect birthday gift ever for your little ripper? We think so!

About the Bindings:

Give your grom all the comfort and support needed to have fun out on the water. The upper Velcro strap and single lace lower enclosure provide a superior fit, while still allowing easy entry and exit from the binding.

Length (cm) Weight Range (lbs)
115 -  25 - 70
120 -  40 - 85
125 -  60 - 110

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