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  • Liquid Force REMEDY Wakeboard w/ CLASSIC 6X OT Binding
  • Fun Price: $599.99
  • Board: 
  • Binding: 
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Product description

Looking for a higher performance boat board, but love the nostalgic feel of an open-toe binding? Give the Remedy w/ Classic 6X OT Package a serious look. Harley fine-tuned his board to meet the needs of any intermediate to advanced rider out there. Paired up with LF's go-to "workhorse" binding but in an open-toe version, the Classic 6X OT, you'll enjoy a price-conscious yet fully functional binding that compliments all that the Remedy has to offer behind the boat. Nothing but stoke-filled sessions ahead!

+Package Includes
About the Board:

Ever find yourself feeling like your riding is not quite where you want it to be? Left scratching your head or scouring internet web-forums for answers? Let the doctor give it to you straight...Harley's board might just be the "Remedy" you've been searching for!

With an aggressive 3-Stage rocker for incredible pop off the wake and a triple concave hull flowing into the venture quad channels for extra speed, the Remedy will have you ripping like Harley in no time. The Remedy's quad fin set up strategically placed to maximize water flow through the tails will give you all the control and confidence you'll need during your next progression session.

About the Bindings:

Our rider tested and proven Classic binding, is now offered in an open-toe configuration. Which is great for a "one board setup" for multiple riders that need to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes...or perfect for anyone longing for the nostalgic feel of an open-toe binding with tons of performance baked into it.

The 6X Chassis and Honeycomb Flex Floor make for some of the softest landings'll feel like you're riding on the clouds.

Length (cm) Weight Range (lbs)
134 - 90 - 170
138 - 130 - 190
142 - 160 - 210

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