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  • O'Brien Kneeboard Rope and Handle
  • Fun Price: $49.99

Product description

O'Brien Kneeboard Rope & Handle
The O'Brien Kneeboard Rope & Handle is a premium combo designed specially for kneeboarding. The handle is shaped to be used with Aqua-Hook and HydroHook equipped kneeboards. The smaller bar forward of the grip allows the handle to be easily hooked on the board while keeping the main part of the handle closer to the rider. This setup eliminates the risk of finger pinches when removing the handle from the board's hook. The handle has a round EVA textured grip that is tacky and easy to hold. The rope itself is a 12-strand lament PE rope that has two adjustable lengths.

Aqua-hook bar allows for easy use with Aqua-Hook and HydroHook equipped boards
Floating handle has tacky EVA textured grip
12" Wide T6-6061 aluminum core frame is extruded for high strength, low weight
Molded PVC end caps are soft, flexible, and durable
12-strand PE rope
Adjustable line lengths: 55', 70' (includes handle)

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