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  • SIC Tao Fit (TT) 10' x 33" Paddleboard (SUP)
  • Fun Price: $899.99

Product description

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The TAO Fit is all about stability, durability, and versatility. Whether paddling in slop and boat chop or taking a board down a section of fast water, the hybrid hull offers a unique keeled nose for cutting through chop and softening the ride while giving the board great tracking characteristics.

The keeled nose transitions to flat profile through the middle of the board, giving it outstanding stability. The flat deck offers the perfect platform for those looking for a board for a yoga class or for the angler who wants to land the big one. A flat deck is also the perfect surface to keep your cooler or take your child or dog for a ride.

The TAO FIT (TT) 10' 0" x 33" board features SIC's proprietary TOUGH-TEC (TT) construction offering maximum strength.

LENGTH 10' 0"  
WIDTH 33.0"
WEIGHT 32 lbs

The TAO FIT (TT) 10' 0" x 33" comes with:
 TOUGH TEC (TT) construction: molded polyethyleneskin with an EPS core
 Full length smooth textured EVA deck pad for maximum comfort and no slip grip
 9.0" FCS Connect touring fin (nylon)
 Ergo-Undercut handle
 Bungee tie downs
 Leash plug

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