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SUP Buyer's Guide

Stand up paddle boards are the latest water sports craze. Unlike other trends, SUPs are here to stay. Whether you are paddle boarding on huge sea swells or calm lake water, our selection of SUPs delivers. Parafunalia not only researches and offers the highest quality brands and boards, but we test our products before selling them. We have hand-selected and approved every SUP before carrying them at Parafunalia. Stand up paddle boards offer unbeatable fun for the entire family. Advanced surfers and beginner paddle board users alike will love this fun water sport. If you love the idea of an SUP, but don’t know which model to choose, browse our selection to find the right brand, size and style for you and your family.

Parafunalia carries the top brands in SUPs at unbeatable family-friendly prices. We understand that family activities can be expensive. Find the most popular SUP brands at the lowest prices on the market. Join in the fun with a state-of-the-art paddle board. Try a Doyle Sport, Beefy or Discovery board, available in four different sizes and a range of styles. Our BIC Sport SUPs are lighter than ever. Use these maneuverable boards to begin to learn and eventually master the art of stand up paddling. Our Surftech models are specially designed to deliver flexibility and total water resistance to last for years of use. Surftech SUPs range from beginner to competition levels for every paddler. Aquaglide SUPs offer a new, innovative style. Their inflatable design delivers performance a step above the competition. The inflatable Aquaglide SUP is great for compact storage. Our Aquaglide Amundson stand up paddle boards have an incredible custom feel. These SUPs are manufactured in high-pressure, high-temperature molds for the perfect balance of durability, weight and maneuverability. All of these brands are available to enhance your SUP adventures. Whether you are a total novice or an experienced surfer looking for a new challenge, invest in one of our affordable, family-friendly SUPs.

In the case of stand up paddle boards, Parafunalia has the selection you need for every body of water. Our longer boards are ideal for use on smooth lake water and smaller waves, while shorter boards are designed for riding the crests of ocean waves. Our SUPs range from 9’6” to 12’6” to accommodate every paddler’s needs. We offer over 30 models to fit your height, weight and water type. Invest in our shorter designs if you are smaller in stature or interested in faring ocean waters with your SUP. Our pointed nose designs slice through waves, allowing for increased speed and excitement. Each board will help you transition from beginner to expert with confidence. Discover calm lakes, shady lagoons and rough salty seas with our line of SUPs. Our boards have been tested by Parafunalia staff to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Our stand up paddle boards are available from the most popular brands and in a huge range of sizes for every surfer. Whether you prefer sleek, modern designs or a more subtle look, we have the board for you. Our feminine SUPs are ideal for our lady surfers. We carry a huge selection of classic surfer-style boards to fit the beach crowd. Find the board you need, whether you are five or 55. Hop on and paddle through the surf on our SUPs. Search through our assortment of paddle boards and accessories to purchase the best style for your family. Our SUPs are made of lightweight, durable materials to allow for maximum maneuverability while paddling. Take your SUP to the race and watch it slice through the waves. If you prefer calm lake water, SUPs are the perfect way to see the sights.

With 40 years of water sport sales experience, Parafunalia strives to provide the highest quality family friendly products at prices that fit a family budget. Explore our growing selection of the latest water sport activities and classic toys for every outdoor adventure. Lakers, beach goers and river fans alike can’t get enough of our stand up paddle boards, water trampolines and more. Try SUPs, tubes and more to make the most of every summer day from Parafunalia. Since 1972, we have been offering exciting, affordable water sport products and toys to help your family stay active and adventurous. Stand up paddle boards are often expensive and out of reach for many families. Our goal is to offer everything from competition-level paddle boards to entry level varieties at prices that fit every family’s budget. Pick out the right size, style and brand for your next afternoon in the surf. Remember, shorter boards are designed for riding the larger ocean swells, while long SUPs are ideal for coasting in peaceful waters. We have stable SUPs for beginners and sleek, fast models for advanced surfers and paddle boarders alike. Visit Parafunalia to take your SUP skills to the next level. Enjoy our unparalleled customer service, endless water sport experience and unbelievable prices for your next vacation.