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Tubes & Towables Buyer's Guide

Every boater knows that the best way to enjoy the summer waves is on a towable tube. Before you invest in one of our high-quality tubes for your boat, check out our many sizes, styles and accessories to complete your on-the-water adventure. Make the most out of every summer weekend with our boating buys. Parafunalia has 40 years of water sport sales experience to keep your family happy and entertained. Our products are tested and approved by families every summer. We guarantee your satisfaction and, more importantly, fun. Take advantage of our huge selection and expanded shipping options. Whether you want a huge tube to tow all of your friends or a small lounge platform to soak up the sun, Parafunalia has the right products for you.

When you are searching for the perfect tubes and towables, look no further than Parafunalia. Our tubes and towables come in a huge range of sizes to fit any family. Our tubes come in one-, two- and three-person varieties. Aquaglide, Connelly, HO and O’Brien tubes accommodate users of all sizes. Our one-person styles are a great choice for homes where space is at a premium. These lightweight tubes will fly over every wave. If you’d prefer some side-by-side wave riding, try our two- and three-person tubes. Each product comes with multiple handles so you can get a comfortable, secure grip. Find the towable tube that your family needs for extreme lake and ocean fun. If you think that these towable tubes are for children, then think again. Our durable tubes are strong enough for the whole family. Our one-, two-and three-person tubes accommodate full-sized adults and children comfortably. In addition to these sizing options, you can pick the color and design that fits your style. Our ride-ons come with seats, pockets or flat riding surfaces for every tuber. Seated tubers are an ideal choice for beginners and for more relaxing rides. If you prefer a fast-paced ride that requires a strong grip and serious skills, try our flat tubes. These challenging coasters are the best way to cool off during summer’s sweltering heat.

Spice up your next boat ride with a tubing challenge or simply spend the day on one of our inflatable loungers. Inflatable loungers are a simple, affordable way to watch the kids swim, catch some rays or enjoy drinks with friends. Stay warm and dry while enjoying the waves with our Aquaglide, HO, O’Brien and Connelly loungers. Try our large O’Brien and HO loungers, complete with seats, cup holders and a cooler to store your treats. We also carry affordable platforms for sunbathing and to rest after a long swim. Find the size that fits your family. Your kids will love having a floating deck anchored to the sand. Our water trampolines are an alternative to traditional loungers that double as children’s entertainment centers. Take the party off the shore with an O’Brien or Aquaglide lounger or trampoline. Our Aquaglide Fiesta will complete your personal waterpark.

Find the right accessories to inflate and secure your tubes and towables at Parafunalia. Our pumps will inflate everything from swimmies to our largest water trampolines with ease. Try the compact Connelly tube gun, ideal for use with air mattresses, air beds and swimming tubes. Use a 12-volt vehicle outlet or a DC outlet to power your Connelly inflator. Our heavy-duty Connelly inflators are strong enough for all of your lake and ocean accessories. Inflate your floating loungers and towable tubes with these high-power pumps. Each set comes with a variety of nozzles to work with every valve. Get on the water faster with our unbeatable pumps. Tubes can take hours to inflate with a manual pump. Instead, plug in one of our Connelly inflators and get ready for a fun-filled day of water sports.

Ropes seem like an obvious addition to any towable water sport toy. Find the right type of ropes at Parafunalia. Our selection includes durable, wear-resistant designs to keep your tube safe and secure while in tow. Our Proline ropes have been tested and approved by our employees and our customers for use in fresh and saltwater. Tube rope comes in three sizes: 3/8, 5/8 and 3/4 inches wide. Each of our products features specific weight limits to make your decision a breeze. Choose from two-, four- and six-person rope strengths for your tube. These ropes come equipped with a rope keeper for easy storage. Tube rope comes standard with 60 feet of length, perfect for towing your friends and family across the waves. With a break strength range of 2,375 to 6,100 pounds, you can depend on our tube ropes to provide hours of summer fun. Visit Parafunalia in-store and online for the best deals on water sports activities. We guarantee to offer the lowest prices on the highest quality products on the market.