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Water Trampoline Buyer's Guide

When purchasing a water trampoline for your home, there are a few essentials to consider. Water trampolines come in a whole range of styles to fit every family’s needs. Parafunalia offers an unbeatable selection of Aquaglide and O’Brien water trampolines to maximize summer fun in any lake or pond. Create a custom outdoor water playground with our trampolines and accessories available at Parafunalia. Choose your size, style and accessories to create the perfect family summer getaway. Trust Parafunalia’s 40 years of water sports experience to deliver the safest, most durable and most exciting water trampolines for your home.

Size is the first factor to consider when purchasing a water trampoline. Our trampolines come in a range of sizes to accommodate every family. Whether you have a large family to share your Aquaglide or just a few vacationers, we have the product for you. Each Aquaglide comes with the signature octagon design for maximum durability and bounce. We offer trampolines ranging from 10.8 to 23 feet to keep your family comfortable. Smaller trampolines are ideal for younger children or smaller families. These are also a simple way to ramp up the fun in more restricted waterfront areas. Your children will be entertained for hours with these bouncy favorites. Parents: try lounging on your large water trampoline. Twenty-three-foot models include enough space for children to bounce and parents to relax. Use our matching slides, air bags, wedges and plunges to turn your trampoline into a backyard waterpark. Size is also important when taking budget into consideration. Our smaller trampolines are designed to fit every waterfront space and budget. Find the size that fits your budget and needs at Parafunalia. Remember, our trampolines come with an endless array of accessories to ramp up the fun. Your children won’t grow out of this water toy. Instead, invest in an Aquaglide trampoline for summer after summer of entertainment.

In addition to size and price, we offer a range of water trampoline styles. Our traditional round and octagonal water bouncers are always a favorite. If you’re looking to add to your setup, try our specialty Aquaglide water toys. These accessories are perfect for children and adults. With large slides, towable loungers and splash zones, we have a water trampoline model for everyone. Add to your classic Aquaglide or O’Brien trampoline with these inflatable accessories or use them independently. Children and teens love our line of jungle gyms. These floating play lands are a blast. Climb to the top for a bird’s-eye view or challenge your friend’s to a cannonball contest from the jungle gym’s highest point. Attach an Aquaglide slide for a huge summer splash. We carry rockers and splash mats to maximize fun in your family’s custom water park. Your Aquaglide water trampoline features endless options for each and every user. Whether you’re 5 or 95, you will love this slip and slide outdoor adventure. Parafunalia now ships from coast to coast so that lakers everywhere can try our incredible products and unbeatable prices. Utilize our expertise when outfitting your property with the latest water sports goods.

After considering size, shape and accessories for your water trampoline, check out our selection of inflating products and mooring hardware. These two categories are vital to keep your trampoline ready for use. Without proper mooring, your Aquaglide trampoline might float away along with your accessories and summer fun. We offer mooring products for temporary anchoring or long-term safekeeping. Our heavy-duty option holds up to 3,000 pounds securely, while our lighter mooring bridle is designed to hold up to 1,000 pounds effectively. For increased convenience, our mooring tools can be used on any brand of water trampoline. Find the anchor that matches your brindle and trampoline size to ensure total safety. Maintain your water trampoline correctly and reduce the risk of damage with these specialized anchor sets. Has your water trampoline lost air over time? Are you tired of taking hours to blow up your summer toys or asking the neighbors to borrow their inflator pump? Our affordable inflator pumps are perfect for any water trampoline purchase. We carry pumps ranging from 12 to 110 volts. Our heavy-duty pumps work quickly to deliver inflated fun for the whole family. Each set comes with all of the attachments you need for products of all sizes. Whether you are trying to inflate a 23-foot water trampoline or a set of swimmies, we have the nozzle you need. Visit Parafunalia for a complete selection of water trampolines, accessories and hardware. Transform your lakefront property into a private waterpark that the entire neighborhood will love. Browse our trampolines, accessories, mooring and inflators for your home. Keep the kids busy at every party and entertain the adults, too. View our selection by size, style and price to choose the right product for your family.