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Connelly Tubes & Towables

Looking for a thrill ride? Look no further than Connelly tubes and towables. Enjoy countless hours of fun in the sun when you soar across the wake. And donít forget to hold on tight! Make summer the best it can be with any choice of Connelly wate

Connelly offers single person and multi-person tubing options, and all are sure to offer an adrenaline rush. Grab a buddy and take a bumpy ride on the Connelly Spitfire. Itís easy to board in deep water and packs a mean punch of fun. If you want to show off your tubing skills to friends and family, take a spin in the Swept Wing. Thrash across the wake and prepare yourself for the ride of your life.

All Connelly tubes and towables are made from the best quality materials, and even come with a warranty. They offer comfortable handles and knuckle guards to make your ride across the water the optimal experience.

Soar across the water and bounce off the wake on your way to an unforgettable summer with Connelly tubes and towables!